The next time you are in Dubai, try to schedule your visit on the weekend to make the most of Dubai’s nightlife. The city never sleeps and offers some of the most luxurious nightlife experiences in the world. You could literally spend weeks exploring the city’s clubs and hangout spots. The well-lit streets and sky-high buildings bursting with lights make Dubai’s nightlife a truly remarkable experience. With friendly law enforcement personnel and 24/7 surveillance, Dubai is also one of the safest cities in the world. So, whether you are alone or in a group, going back home at 4 am after partying should not worry you at all.

Go Clubbing

If the music gets you going and you like to spend your off-duty hours at a bar, then you must visit a nightclub in Dubai at least once in your lifetime. From renowned DJs rocking the famous beats to the luxurious bars filled with exquisite drinks from all over the world, clubbing is the heart and soul of Dubai’s nightlife.

The luxurious interiors reflecting the flickering disco lights is a sight to behold. A large crowd of men and women coming from different nationalities, dancing together on the dance floor, is a testament to Dubai’s multi-cultural landscape.

The fun doesn’t stop there, for all the ladies who are not into mixed gatherings, they can party with their soul sisters at their own terms every Tuesday and Thursday when most clubs have the ladies’ night.

Delicious food for your late-night cravings

Once you are done dancing and showing off your moves on the dance floor, grab a bite from the club restaurants that offer some of the finest local delicacies which are hard to resist. From delicious Shawarmas to those juicy steaks, there is something for everyone at the club restaurants in Dubai. Let your taste buds experience the bursting flavors of authentic Arabic, Continental and Russian food in Dubai.

Desert Safari

If you are someone who appreciates and likes to explore different cultures then Dubai desert safari is where you can do it all. Start off your safari by putting your driving skills to test on a quad bike in dune bashing. Once you have crossed that off your bucket list, sit back, relax in your camp and watch the sun disappear behind desert dunes as it drapes the whole sky in its vibrant colors.

After the sunset, begins a streak of memorable performances which you can enjoy sitting by the camp fire while puffing smoke rings from your flavored hookah. A wide selection of delicious foods is the perfect way to conclude your adventurous day before you sit under the night sky and plan your next big adventure.


Sheesha is an integral part of the Arabian culture and you are missing out on one of the most soothing experiences if you have not smoked it on a breezy night under the moonlight. You can find the world’s best Sheesha cafes in Dubai where you can enjoy premium flavors in a quiet, peaceful environment where you can relax and savor the moment.

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai at night and there is literally something for everyone to do. Although Dubai keeps its doors open to tourists throughout the year but if you want to make the most of your visit then winter is the best time to do so.


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