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A place where taste reigns

Home to some of the most exotic cuisines one can enjoy at a restaurant, Muscovites Club offers a vast variety of continental as well as Russian cuisines in Dubai. We serve more than just flavorful food in an exotic restaurant environment, it’s a place where you can either surround yourself with some serious food enthusiasts such as yourself or you can grab your favorite snacks on the go to satisfy those late night cravings.

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Something For Everyone

Whether you want to grab a quick bite with your associates or enjoy a laid-back dinner with that special someone, you can always count on Muscovites to offer you your favorite delicacies in a convivial locale.

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Luxe Environment

From a striking ambience that tickles your appetite to delve into bursting flavors of authentic delicacies from around the world to an unmatched service by some of the friendliest food enthusiasts, Muscovites offers an exquisite culinary experience.

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Munch To the Euphonious Melodies

Sit back, relax and let some of the most serene melodies enhance your dining experience at Muscovites. We understand that music is an essential element when it comes to enjoying the most relaxing time at any night club restaurant and that’s exactly swhat we offer at Muscovites night club in Dubai.

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