A place where Dubai comes to party

About Muscovites

Muscovites Restaurant & Night Club offers its visitors an exceptionally memorable fine dining & entertainment experience.

Let your clubbing experience be the one that you can cherish for years to come. At Muscovites we ensure that you enjoy food, dancing, drinking and all the clubbing activities in a welcoming environment. Way more than your average night club in Dubai, we are an ultimate party destination. From a hospitable staff ready to serve you exceptional Russian and continental food cooked by world class chefs to a spectacular dancefloor accommodating a glamorous and charged crowd, Muscovites takes partying to a whole new level.

Whether you are into popping a few drinks while dancing at a dance bar in Dubai over the weekend or like go all in when it comes to partying, you can count on Muscovites to live up to your expectations. Grab a seat at the bar and choose from a wide array of exotic drinks before you hit the dancefloor to show off your moves or book a table at our restraint to enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone.

If you aren’t into drinking or dancing, grab a stick to score a few pockets at our world class pool table and make those perfectly rounded smoke rings with your favorite sheesha flavors to celebrate life with your friends.

Our Events
People enjoying at bar of best dance club in Dubai