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Muscovites hookah lounge is one of the best in town and we always say to all the hookah lovers out there “inhale the best, exhale the stress”. If you’re looking for the best place to have sheesha in Dubai then get ready to be lit with our cozy lounge & amazing sheesha flavors. If you prefer hookah over cigarettes then you are in for a real treat. Try exclusive & authentic hookah at Muscovites restaurant & club. Sheesha is an integral part of life for many Arabs and in Dubai, it is given a special place for hookah. From exotic flavors to the thick sweet-smelling smoke, Muscovites is one place where you can enjoy a sheesha that’s great in taste and doesn’t cause irritation in the throat. We always make sheesha with special tips to make it feel smooth & fresh. Our staff know all the fundamental principles of hookah preparation in order to make your sheesha smoke fresh and we love our customers so we offer you high-class hookahs with the finest tobacco. We have a wide variety of flavors for all the hookah lovers out there.

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