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Potato, Carrot, Cabbage, onion, tomato paste, Beetroot, beef, parsley, sour cream

AED 50

Beef, bacon, smoked chicken, cucumber, olives, Tomato paste, sour cream, salt

AED 55
Salad Vinegret

Potato, carrot, beetroot, salt, cabbage, green peas, Red beans, pickles, onion and olive oil dressing

AED 30
Salad Moscow

Smoked chicken, beef tongue, egg, cheese, sweetcorn, Onion and mayonnaise dressing

AED 39
Salad Shuba

Potato, carrot, beetroot, onion, herring, egg, Mayonnaise dressing

AED 40
Salad Russia

Calamari, minated capsicum, mixed green leaves, celery, Garlic, parsley, capers, mustard and yogurt

AED 50


Meat Platter

Beef Tongue, Beef Bacon, Basturma, Smoked Chicken

AED 50

Picked Marinated Mixed Vegetables

AED 45
Chicken & Mushroom Julienne

Mushroom, Onion, Sour Cream Cheese, Tomato Cherry

AED 65

Potato Pancake Served With(a side of our Cream)

AED 65
Herring a la Russian

Served With(Onion & Boiled Potato)

AED 35
Pelmeni (tzarski)

Homenade Beef Dumpling Served with(sour cream, mushroom & cheese)

AED 43
Cutlet (Po-kievski)

Chicken Breast Rolled in Breadcrumb Served with(a side of mashed potato)

AED 48
Tabaka Chicken in Ajika Sauce

Half Pan Fried Chicken Seasoned with Garlic & Marinated in Our Signature sauce
Served with (a side of French fries)

AED 58

Traditional Russian Beef & Potato Stew

AED 65
Manty with Lamb

Homenade lamb dumplings in a white and red sauce

AED 52
Mixed Grill

Fish & Seafood with Cheese Sauce, Prawns Calamari, Hamour, Salmon,
Cherry Fish, Cherry Tomato, Parsley

AED 99



Parsley & Mint Salad Tossed with Fine Ground Bulgur, Tomatoes Green Onions, Olive Oil & Lemon Juice

AED 30

Salad made from Toasted Pieces of Pita Bread Combined with Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green Onions & Radish Tossed in an Olive Oil & Lemon Dressing

AED 30

Dip made of Chickpea Paste, Served with a side of Arabic Salad

AED 30

Beef & Lamb Balls Served with (a side of Hummus and Arabic Bread)

AED 39
Mixed Grill

Lamb Chop, Beef Kebab, Chicken Kebab Served with( French Fries Hummus & Arabic Bread)

AED 99


Aloo Pakora

Deep Fried Indian Style Potato Fritter’s Served with (Mint Yogurt Sauce)

AED 35
Onion Bhaji

Deep Fried, Mildly Spiced Sliced Onions, Mixed in Garam Flour Served with (Mint Yogurt Sauce with Chat Masala)

AED 35
Aloo Chat

Boiled Cubed Potato Mixed with Onion, Tomato, Chopped Corriander, Green Chili & Seasoned with Chat Masala

AED 35
Masala Papandam

Deep Fried Papadam Served with Chopped Tomatoes, Onion, Chat Masala & Chopped Coriander

AED 20
Tandoori – Chicken or Prawns

Marinated Chicken with Bone in Yogurt an Indian Spices Served with Kachumbari

AED 63/80
Chicken Tikka

Boneless Chicken Pieces Marinated with Yogurt and Indian Spices Served with Spicy Mint Sauce

AED 59
Biryani – Chicken or Mutton

Basmati Rice Cooked with Chicken or Mutton & Spices, Served with Papandum, Pickle & Raita

AED 99/83
Mutton Masala

Mutton Marinated in a Rich Indian Gravy

AED 85
Butter Chicken

Roasted Boneless Chicken Pieces Marinated in a Rich Tomato Gravy

AED 55

Spicy Flavored Lentil with Indian Masala

AED 40
Aloo Goby

Potatotoes & Cauliflower Cooked with Onion Garlic Ginger, Tomatoes & Spices

AED 40

Chapati, Naan plain or butter, Basmati rice

AED 40


Chicken and sweet corn soup
AED 25
Hot and sour soup
AED 25
Kimchi salad
AED 30
Marinated Spicy Cabbage Salad
AED 30
Manchurian Chicken

Fried Chicken Balls Cooked in a Traditional Manchurian Sauce

AED 47
Mongolian Beef

Wok-Cooked Beef, Tossed with Scallions & Garlic

AED 64
Sweet & Sour Chicken or Prawns

Stir Fried with Pineapple, Bell Peppers, Onions & Candied Ginger in a Sweet & Sour Sauce

AED 87/58
Singapore Noodles (Vegetables/Beef)
AED 65/50

Egg Fried Rice or Special with Vegetable/ Chicken/ Prawns

AED 45/55/60
Egg Noodles

Egg Noodles, Tossed with Variety Vegetables, Chinese Spices and Sauce.

AED 40


Creamy Chicken Soup

Freshly made creamy chicken soup served with garlic bread

AED 45
Lentil Soup

A rich lentil soup flavored with cumin powder topped with croutons Served with a lemon wedge and garlic bread

AED 35
Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken strips, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, Garlic croutons and bacon bites served with anchovy mayonnaise dressing

AED 45
Prawn Pesto Salad

Prawn pesto salad in parmesan basket grilled prawns in a parmesan basket of green salad yellow capsicum, cucumbers tossed in homemade pesto dressing

AED 75
Lamb Chops

Marinated grilled lamb chops served with mashed potatoes; grilled tomato and mint sauce on the side

AED 95
Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Soaked and fried in our home made beer butter served with mushy peas, French fries and tartar sauce on the side.

AED 65
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Perfectly cooked risotto in a creamy chicken and mushroom sauce served with a hint of truffle oil.

AED 90
Cordon Bleu

Rolled chicken deep fried in breadcrumbs with your choice of Stuffing mushroom or emmental cheese served with mashed potato and cheese sauce

AED 65
Seafood Platter

Buttered fried prawns, fish fingers, grilled hammour, fried calamari, served with French Fries and Tyrolienne sauce

AED 99
Flambeed Sea Bass/Sea Bream Muscovites Recommendation

Your choice of sea bass or sea bream roasted in a salt breaded dressing And set alight at your table. Served with steam vegetables and basket of fries

AED 130
Fillet Mignon Steak

Cooked your choice rare/medium rare/ medium/well done served with

Steam vegetables. And your choice of:

Potatoes: French fries wedges baked or mashed.

Sauce: mushroom, pepper, BBQ or béarnaise

AED 115

Gralic bread, Onion Rings, Potato Wedges, French Fries Plain/Spicy

AED 25
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