Ever wondered what life would be like if you did not have your crazy friends who have been by your side through some of the most difficult and fun times? We have decided to dedicate this blog to different types of friends who we go out clubbing with.  Disclaimer! Any resemblance that you may find in this blog is completely coincidental. If you can relate to any of the types mentioned below then you may find some comfort in knowing that you are not the only one.

The lonely soul

Almost every group has that one friend who is lonely and fixated on finding a partner. So, it does not take a lot of convincing to make them join you. They’re up for pretty much any gathering where they have a hope of finding themselves a partner. Although the downside of having them is that you might end up playing their wingman the whole time. But as they say “the club isn’t the best place to find love” so there’s a high chance that our lonely soul isn’t going to have any luck at the dance club anytime soon.

The pumped-up dancer at مرقص دبي

This is one guy or girl that everyone needs to have in their group, they may not have a hefty bank account but they are full of energy and amazing dancers. They hit the dance floor for the sole purpose of stealing the spotlight with their quick feet and smooth dance moves. They can easily make you insecure but hey, they are fun to be around.

The social butterfly

Ever had a guy or a girl wave at you all the way from across the hall leaving you confused who it is and only when you jogged your memory you realized that it’s the same person you met at a cocktail party in Dubai? Apparently, every group has such a member who practically knows everyone and frequently runs into people they know. They are good at making contacts and it often pays off when you run into trouble as they are the ones you can count on.

The drunk punk

Unlike the pumped up dancer, this one needs a few drinks before he or she can hit the dance floor, but when they do, it’s all worth watching. The drinks get the best of them and make them act like an alien kickboxer. By the time they’re sober they have a video of them going viral all over the internet.

The introvert

Not that we don’t like our introvert friends despite the fact that they would come up with some of the most absurd excuses to try and sabotage a night out plan, but it takes a whole lot of convincing to get them out of their comfort corner. If by luck you get them to go to the nightclubs near you, they are probably going to sit in the corner and stare into your soul as you embarrass yourself at the bar or the dancefloor. Thanks to their wisdom though, they keep the entire group in check and keep it from landing into serious trouble.

No matter what type of friends we have, the truth is, our lives would be very different than what they are if it weren’t for them. Learn to cherish each moment spent with them, these moments are going to be the reason you smile when you grow old.


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