Dubai is the most modern region in the Middle East. We have rich architecture, record-breaking skyscrapers, real estate investment opportunities, dune bashing in the desert, and quality night clubs that can satisfy all your desires. At Muscovites, we try hard to offer wonderful experiences that last forever in your memories. This is why all our services and products are centered around our customers. The parties in Muscovites are comparable to the clubs in Ibiza and Amsterdam. Here our DJs never let the music stop and our bartenders keep mixing exotic cocktails to make your stay at your favorite مرقص دبي.

If you were to walk into Muscovites, you’ll love everything you’ll see. We have rich architecture, colorful lights to get the mood, and everything contemporary around. The seating has been made as comfortable and the high-tech sound system ensures that the music is always easy on your ears no matter how loud it gets. Our night club in Dubai has all the exotic flavors of Shisha that you can think of and there is nothing better than to enjoy exhaling fragrant smoke after a hectic day at work.

When you are having a bad day at work, what’s the best pick me up you need? A good drink with some calorie-heavy meals, of course. At Muscovites, we have it all. It is a place where the food meets entertainment and we have done it all by redefining the experience of a night club that Dubai generally offers. We offer a great venue that is comfortable and has something for everyone; be it a dinner with your loved one, a party to catch up with friends, or some time alone to drown your sorrows in a good drink. You can unwind at the billiard tables or dance your shoes off at the dance bar with the DJ pushing out some latest tunes to get the party started.

If you think that our DJ who plays different genres of English, Arabic, and Bollywood music, is not enough for you, we also have the facility of live bands. While DJ makes sure that you have a great night out and then our live bands come in that makes the party much more fun! You can jump up the stage and grab the mic if you feel like singing. It’s open for everyone and we ensure that if you are with us, you are having the utmost fun. If singing is not enough for you and you want to do something more, then our dance bar in Dubai is waiting for you to show off some amazing dancing moves that you have been hiding all your life. It gets even better when you are high. Get all groovy on the dance floor as our DJ plays the best music for you!

If you think that we have everything that would satisfy your night club desires or would like to check our facilities out, feel free to book a table. We would love to host you.


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