Life can get a bit hectic at times. In such instances, nothing seems better than to shake off all your exhaustion away at the dance bar. What could be better than to lose yourself at your favorite dance bar in Dubai? We get it, in fact, we get you! This is why we offer the best music and dancing experiences at Muscovites. This is a place where the music never stops, the girls enjoy to their fullest, people drain their worries with pints of beer and everyone goes home happy. You can get a shot at this experience by booking a table here. We assure you; there’ll be no regrets.

If you are looking for a club in Dubai where you can enjoy a night of dancing then Muscovites is the best place for you. Here the drinks are affordable and the atmosphere is excellent. You can enjoy on the DJs beats and your favorite booze will continue to flow all the way until the crack of dawn.

Bringing a Russian culture experience into the heart of UAE, Muscovites features a contagious party vibe that is as non-pretentious as they come. With exotic Russian cuisines and drink variations, frenzied nights, and a constant rejuvenating feeling, our club will keep you coming back for more. For dancing lovers looking for refreshment between dances, we have everything that you can crave for.

Muscovites dance club in Dubai is a brilliant place to be when you are away at an evening full of drinking and dancing. Our dance bar is great for a night out with friends because where else can you enjoy a classy cocktail with a subterranean chic environment that slowly transforms into a hot nightclub as the hours tick by?

Once in the clubbing mode, you work up your energy over drinks in the private lounge, before heading over to enjoy the headbanging selection of the house. From dubstep to electro-swing we have all the music you can ask for and our international and local DJs never let the music stop even for a second. You get nights throughout the week at Muscovites and our wide selection of drinks makes us the ultimate host for all the party lovers.

Speaking of music, we have our DJs playing something every time and this cracking hot spot in Dubai is the perfect place for some carefully crafted cocktails designed to drown exhaustion away. We have hella body-popping dancers on our floor who never quit making the most of the beats. If you are a fan of sheesha you can soak up the aromas of smoky incense at our Arabic den of party fanatics.

Muscovites has been operating in UAE with a staff that has decades of experience of producing the finest cocktail cards in Dubai, so you can rest assured that the liquid delights don’t stop here. We offer an excellent choice of craft beers, premium spirits, and aged wines to keep you going late at night during the weekends. Book a table now to make the most of your stay in Dubai.


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