Dubai is a city with the brightest lights in the Middle East. Its nightlife reflects that clearly and you can enjoy some of the best night parties here with famous DJs and musicians performing all night long. There are many night clubs in Dubai that offer such parties, but the best parties are found at Muscovites. Anyone who has been keen on observing the nightlife in Dubai already knows that. But if you are looking to research further and choose for yourself, here are some of Dubai’s biggest underground parties that can think of competing with a private table at Muscovites Club and Lounge.

Analog Room

This night club in Dubai was started in early 2012 and today it is one of the signature underground party scenes. Full with deep house gigs that are held on a regular basis, this nightclub gives a true meaning to partying the night away. The Analog decks have seen everyone from resident DJs to internationally acclaimed house DJs. They spin for a private and unique crowd and if you can get into this party you will remember the party you had at Muscovites. Care for another round at Muscovites, book a private table here.

Bad House Party

Now this underground party house is made by the long-term residents of Dubai. Bad House Party is one of the only places in Dubai where you can get to enjoy old-school punk, emo, or funk anthems played exclusively by the DJ. This party is usually held in the quiet Ibis Barsha Hotel that is located bang smack on the Sheikh Zayed Road. You need to search for Casa Latina at the Hotel to get to the party. Although the hotel is quiet, the atmosphere of the party is far from it. The parties here take you back in time and it’s an amazing experience for sure. If you are looking to meet some of the biggest punk and skater residents in Dubai, you will find them here. The popularity of this party house increases every month and this is why you get to see many UK-based artists perform in Dubai for an enhanced punk-rock scene. The parties here are amazing and will also take you back to remember the party you had at Muscovites and the amazing dance moves you worked off at our dance bar

Deep Crates Cartel

Just like the Analog Room, this was among the first underground parties to start up in Dubai and we can tell you that the underground music scene here is the same as Muscovites. Unlike our night club in Dubai, you only get to enjoy these parties once a month. And if you have missed any party you can always come to Muscovites to enjoy the best party scene in Dubai. The speciality of this party house is that you get to enjoy the reggae/hip-hop-based nights that are the best in Dubai only after Muscovites. 


These were the top places to party in Dubai if you want a change of scenery. All the same, the hosts at Muscovites will always be there to welcome you at your private table with your choice of drinks chilled and ready for you.


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