Considering everything that we have been through in 2020 the new year party needs to be really fun. It's not just the pandemic, even our day to day lives have pretty much work stress, relationship drama, the needs of our family, and demands of our friends are enough to make it downright necessary for us to visit the nearest club and take some time out for ourselves. We deserve to let our hair down once in a while and have some good time, don’t we?

Granted, the men have their fair share of work and life stress, but the same goes for the working women in Dubai.This is why, high-end night clubs in Dubai such as Muscovites offer exclusive free drinks and food discounts on ladies night. The concept of ladies night comes out of the consideration for the working women as most parties often end up competing with our bank accounts. Ladies Nights are times when women can have a great night out without worrying about going broke. 


So what’s the ladies night at Muscovites like? 

Think about hours and hours of dancing fueled by unlimited free drinks! And when you get hungry after all that workout, you find that the food is at a discount too. Best of both worlds, eh? We offer ladies in Dubai a great way to let their hair down without punching a hole in their pockets. Girls can come with their friends to party the night away at Muscovites at the ladies night. The dance bar is always full with amazing dancers and the music never stops at our night club. 


Free drinks, discounted food and what else?

Well, if free drinks and flat 50% off on food items doesn't sing your song then we also have private tables where you can relax with a nice flavored shisha! Food and shisha is the perfect combination when it comes to celebration in Dubai. And by the way, it's the holiday season in Dubai and loads of tourists will be visiting Muscovites night club during this time. 


Best place for hookups and friends?

Dubai is a place where coffee dates make way for cocktail hours. The weekday beers are no longer frowned upon even for girls and spirited evenings have simply become a norm. Things are getting relaxed in Dubai, so why should only boys have all the fun? At Muscovites, it's not just free cocktails and appetisers on the house, Ladies Night here also bring loads of interesting men for you to mingle with. It's Dubai, so you are bound to get some foreigners around.

Making Party All Night Real In Dubai

Muscovites is the only place in Dubai where you can party all night and have immense fun along the way. You have the dance floor filled with merry people dancing the night away at the exptic trance played by the world renowned DJs. Then you also have the shisha corner, the billiard section, an exotic collection of drinks and rare Russian cuisines to choose from. Considering everything we have on offer, you can rest assured that if you let us host you with your friends, we’ll ensure that you have the best night club experience in Dubai.


If you want to have a great night in Dubai, book a private table at Muscovites. You’ll find yourself coming back for more.


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