Dubai is known for its colorful life and what could add further vibrance to this color other than a Russian-themed night club called Muscovites? If you are in UAE for a holiday or for a business meeting, you need to visit a nightclub to relax and get a taste of Dubai’s exotic and luxurious nightlife. Here we have everything you need to unwind and relax after a hectic day. We have a great bar that is complemented with a dance bar where you can shake all your worries off at the music. We offer free drinks and discounted food items to ladies during ladies’ nights. If you are a music enthusiast, our DJ knows everything to touch your heartstrings. In a nut-shell, this is one of the best clubs in Dubai and here are a few things that make partying at Muscovites one of the best experiences of your life.

Muscovites Bar

There are many exotic clubs in Dubai but none of them are as famous for their innovative cocktails as us. We know that a cocktail can greatly influence the mood of our guests and this is why we make the best customized drinks. If you are ready to take a sip that can remove all your stress and take you to the world of ecstasy, talk to our bartender and he’ll have something special for you. Our nightclub is decorated with 3D glittering lights that give a great ambience to the club. If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate with your friends, you don’t have to look any further when you are with us. You can book a table here if you feel like getting refreshed over celebrations with your friends.

Muscovites Dubai Dance Bar

Our Dance Bar is the deck of dance lovers to arrange their celebratory parties with a full-on dancing on the music environment. Our dance floor is styled with modern elements that complement the Russian theme of the night club. Most people think that it’s just for the western expats of Dubai but we welcome people of all nationalities to jump up on our dance bar and shake away all their worries away. Our DJ plays amplified entrancing music for people to rock and roll and get energized with our signature cocktails.

Sheesha Section and Russian Cuisines

We have perfectly combined the Arabian elements with the Russian ones to give you a unique taste of entertainment. You get to sit in the lounge smoking the shisha and exhaling fragrant smoke that sets the mood for an excellent night. This experience is further enhanced by the rare Russian cuisines that are available at Muscovites. So, if you are taking your Russian girlfriend out, you now know a place where you can get authentic Borscht or Kasha in Dubai.

Muscovites is a great place to enjoy live singing and quality music with your buddies. If you want to get over a bad day at work, we have the best pick-me-up drinks for you. Our modern and exotic drinks makes you feel like you are in a vibrant haven where you can relax and have a great time in Dubai.


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