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Night Clubs in Dubai – Nightlife Highlights

DJ Equipment at Muscovites best nightclub in Dubai

Dubai has a fabulous nightlife scene. Life really starts in the nights here, given its hot atmosphere amid the day, and it is not until 9pm that individuals will come join in the festivities, regularly hanging out until midnight. An extraordinary assortment of bars and dance club can be found in Dubai. The principle party areas are spots with huge c ...

July 3, 2018
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Top Bars & Nightclubs in Dubai

Muscovites Restaurant & Club: Situated at Street # 23, Kuwait Street, Near Road – Dubai Alamo: Situated at the Dubai Marine Shoreline Resort and Spa, Alamo is well known with both ostracizes and nationals, and can get caught up with amid the weekends. Apartment Lounge and Club: Situated in Jumeirah Shoreline Inn, the Condo Relax and Club is open ...

July 2, 2018
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