Girls Dancing at a Dance bar

Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Party the night away to your favorite beats on a spacious bass-thumping dancefloor surrounded by glitzy amenities. Famous for hosting some of the most celebrated DJs and a friendly crowd of dance enthusiasts, Muscovites takes the clubbing experience to a whole new level. The night club has risen to prominence among Dubai’s night clubs with top tier talents taking the stage and making it a point to spin EDM heads along with the casual clubbers.

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Guy Playing guitar in smoke at a dance bar

Smoky Ambiance

Let your most daring of dance indiscretions be covered up in a dense vapor created by an advanced fog machine that blasts through hundreds of liters of liquid nitrogen to shroud the writhing crowd.

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Sound System for dance bar

Powerful Sound System

Music is the centerpiece of the parties at Muscovites. With a top-quality sound system and an interior designed to make the music experience more immersive, we ensure that you make the most of your night at the club. So, join in the party for an experience of the lifetime. Regardless of what taste you have in music and what dance moves you like to pull off, Muscovites’ inclusive clubbing culture ensures that everyone can enjoy their time at the club. This something for everyone approach makes Muscovites one of the most favorite dance bar in Dubai for men and women alike.

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Flash Lights of Dance Floor

Flashy Lights At Dance Bar In Dubai

The perfectly synchronized flashing lights at Muscovites are more than a visual treat, they set the mood for the party. The wide beams washing over the stage and the dancefloor, put on quite a show.

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