Approximately around 20,000 BC soups originated, which were called broth back then. Soups have been popular since ancient times when they were made using natural and adaptable ingredients. Everything from humanity to their cuisines evolved in lockstep with the rest of the world. You can say that soups also evolved but with a better taste and ingredients. Dubai is a hotspot for traditional cuisines and foodies. Soups were generally excellent, but they lacked the element of adventure. This evolution brought about a lot of adventure in the soups. Shifting from plain meat gravy to the latest creamy and tasty soups, unlimited components have replaced the recipes to treat our tongues.


Muscovites offer a variety of soups to choose from.

Keeping in mind the taste and preferences of our customers, muscovites has all of the variety that you might look for in soups. Lets us take you to our menu of soups


Everyone who enjoys food enjoys beef. Beef's delicious flavour may melt anyone's heart and make their mouth water. Borscht is a hearty vegetable soup prepared with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, beets, and parsley that is one of our favourites. The sour cream adds a creamy, sour texture and flavour to the veggies, enhancing their flavour. The redness of beetroot and juicy beef marinated with traditional spices and other components will make you sip it away. 


The mouth-watering Russian soup, created with three distinct sea items in a broth and presented in a gorgeous manner, will melt your heart. Seafood such as fillet Hamour, Salmon and Dori fish, cooked with vegetables like carrot, celery, Parsley. Making the tomato taste unique in the soup will give it a fantastic flavour. The sweet and sour taste with the richness of three different fishes will make your day. Apart from taste and look, we provide food with the highest health potential. Fish broths are beneficial to your health and can help you maintain your energy levels.



Chicken is the most-liked and easily available meat. People enjoy eating chicken-based dishes. When it comes to chicken soup, there are a variety of soups available in the market but to retain a superior flavour, specific procedures and carefully selected ingredients are used. Our okroshka chicken soup, made with soft chicken chunks with boiled potatoes, eggs, cucumber, and spring onion, is one of our most popular soups. Sour cream enhances the taste of vegetables with a unique touch of red radish in it. Served with fresh red radish with an eye-catching presentation. For a regular dinner starter, nothing can beat the taste of okroshka.




Buzara is a royal option because of the Croatian technique used to prepare it with particular ingredients such as clams, tomatoes, spices, and olive oil. Clams were meticulously harvested from seabeds and delivered to the Muscovites Club to produce a tender soup for our diners. We strive to preserve the clams' flavour intact by adding olive oil, which brings out the best in them. The delicacy in gathering high-quality ingredients, as well as the taste in our chefs' hands, brings out the finest taste in every soup.



The only place where you can get all of these soups, as well as many others, is at Muscovites. On a weekend, all you could ask for is a mix of entertainment and good food. So, what are you waiting for? Make a reservation today!



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