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Russian food in Dubai at Muscovite Club

Some really tasty items from Russian food in Dubai that takes all your attention just from pictures. Below mentioned images are mind blowing and believe me they taste just the same. They are 13 delicious Russian food that will make your party memorable for your every guest.

1. Shashlik – Russian Lamb Kebab
Russian Cuisine – Shashlik Russian Lamb Kebab

2. Syrniki – Cheese Filled Pancake
Russian Cuisine – Syrniki Cheese Filled Pan Cake


3. Radish & Cucumber Slaw
Syrniki fried eastern Slavic quark pancakes – Russian Cuisine


4. Beef Stroganoff – Made with finely cut beef filet, onions and
mushrooms, cooked in white wine and sour cream


5. Okroshka Soup – Cooked with kvass and contains boiled
meat, cucumbers, scallions, bubbled potatoes, radish, eggs and
is presented with dill and sour cream


6. Pelmeni – Dumplings usually stuffed with either lamb,
pork or beef or all the three combined.


7. Kholodets – Meat cooked for several hours then gets cut into
pieces and the broth that it has been boiling in, is poured over
it. Usually served with hot mustard.


8. Pirozhki – Oven baked or Pan fried mini pies, stuffed with
any fillings.


9. Medovik – Honey Cake layered with thick cream


10. Golubtsy – Meat stuffed cabbage rolls made with cabbage
leaves and meat and rice filling served with sour cream.


11. Vareniki – Usually filled with potatoes, mushrooms,
cabbage, sweet cottage cheese and cherries.


12. Salted Herring – Made with salt, sugar and spices usually
served with rye-bread and sliced onion.


13. Chicken and Mushroom Julienne – Mushrooms and tender
chicken cooked in creamy sauce and topped with melted

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